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Attorneys Assisting Families With Special-Needs Planning

If you or a member of your family has special needs, we can help you to plan for both the immediate and long-term future. At Brown & Brown, P.C., our attorneys work with families to develop plans that preserve access to government benefits, when possible, while at the same time guaranteeing that funds are available for a person with special needs when those funds are needed.

Special-needs planning can take many forms depending on the circumstances, but, in most cases, our clients are looking for assistance with managing or maximizing current government benefits while ensuring that a loved one will be financially and emotionally protected in the future.

Fundamentals Of Special Needs Planning

There are usually two separate but interrelated components of special needs planning. First, we review the person’s current or potential benefits to make sure that they are receiving everything they are entitled to. Then we help families establish customized estate plans that supplement whatever benefits their family member may receive. This often involves drafting one or more so-­called “special needs trusts” which can be used not only to supplement a family member’s government benefits but to provide them with peace of mind.

Since people with special needs have access to a variety of different government benefits, and especially since each person’s needs are completely different, it is important to develop a long-­term, working relationship with a special needs planner that you trust.

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At Brown & Brown, P.C., we work with families over generations to make sure that, regardless of the circumstances, your loved one with special needs gets the care they need to thrive. We have an office in Bedford, and we serve the surrounding areas of Massachusetts. To get started with a free consultation about your legal matter, you can contact us online or call 781-275-7267.