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You Don’t Need To Choose Between Highly Knowledgeable Representation And Personal Service

In 1925, when John F. Brown founded the firm that has grown into Brown & Brown, P.C., most lawyers were general practitioners who did “a little bit of everything”. In those days, the typical family lawyer would assist his client with his will, draft the deed for the family’s home, negotiate business contracts, work out disputes with neighbors over the fence line, litigate serious matters, and probate a client’s estate when he passed away.

As the years have passed and the law has become much more complicated, the general practitioner has been gradually replaced by specialists who concentrate their practices in “niche” areas of the law. Nowadays, you are likely to have one lawyer who helps you to sell your home, another lawyer who assists you when you merge your business with a competitor, and yet another lawyer who drafts your estate planning documents. This trend towards specialization is not, necessarily, a bad thing for clients, but, unfortunately, what often gets lost is the longstanding relationship between the general lawyer and client – the sense that the client has an advocate and trusted counselor on his or her side who knows the client’s individual needs and will support the client over the course of many ups and downs.

Brown & Brown, P.C. Offers The Best Of Both Worlds

Our firm is made up of experienced, committed attorneys who practice in specialized areas. This allows us to provide the comprehensive legal service and personal, lifelong attention of a general practitioner while ensuring that our clients receive the experienced, specialized attention required in today’s complex legal environment.

You can learn more about each of our attorneys by following the links to their bios below:

We also couldn’t do what we do without the help of our talented and dedicated support staff.

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With an office in Bedford, Brown & Brown, P.C., serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Massachusetts. To take advantage of a free initial consultation with one of our skilled and caring attorneys, call us at 781-275-7267 or submit an online contact form.