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Let Our Elder Law Attorneys Help Your Family Plan For The Future

With the cost of medical care skyrocketing and viable options for the care of seniors dwindling, careful planning becomes imperative both to ensure quality care for you or a loved one and to protect valuable assets so that they can be used wisely in the future. The attorneys at Brown & Brown, P.C., help seniors protect their assets from the costs of care and we assist families who need guidance through the mazes of Medicaid and Social Security.

As our country ages, more and more seniors and their families face incredibly difficult decisions involving long-term care. But long­-term care is only a small part of the specialized planning that our attorneys provide for older clients and their families. From basic estate planning to real estate management to advocacy and planning for the possibility of long-­term care, Brown & Brown, P.C., provides comprehensive elder law services to help families maximize their hard earned savings, access the benefits that they deserve, and establish security and peace of mind for their future.

Protecting Assets While Qualifying For Medicaid Coverage

For those worried about Medicaid coverage for long-­term care, we can help prepare clients to become financially eligible and able to set aside some of their assets for others so that the cost of long-­term care will not destroy a lifetime of savings. For instance, some seniors may want to establish a trust for their children and grandchildren while avoiding Medicaid liens. In some other cases, the purchase of a specialized annuity may provide a spouse living in the community with the funds he or she needs to live comfortably while still allowing his or her spouse to qualify for Medicaid benefits. Because Medicaid is so confusing, and because the repercussions from bad planning decisions can be so severe, it is imperative that people who are worried about the cost of long-­term care speak with our attorneys well before they need Medicaid, if possible.

Take Advantage Of A Free Initial Consultation About Your Options

From our office in Bedford, our experienced and caring attorneys at Brown & Brown, P.C., serve clients throughout the surrounding areas of Massachusetts. If you are ready to discuss your legal needs, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. Just call 781-275-7267 or reach out online.