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Smart, Savvy Representation In Landlord-Tenant Legal Disputes

Rental property provides important benefits to both landlords and tenants, but balancing the rights and responsibilities of these two parties can be challenging. When trying to resolve or prevent landlord-tenant disputes, it is important to seek the help of an experienced attorney like those at Brown & Brown, P.C..

We work with both owners and renters of commercial and residential property, and that allows us to see legal issues from all sides. As such, we can often find common ground and resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively. This diverse perspective also helps us draft stronger leases and other legal documents, ultimately reducing the likelihood of expensive and stressful disputes.

Helping Landlords Protect Their Property And Livelihoods

Our firm offers a comprehensive set of services to residential and commercial landlords, including drafting and reviewing leases, assistance with evictions and dispute resolution. We can help you address a wide variety of tenant problems, including:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Criminal activity
  • Noise problems
  • Unauthorized occupants
  • Unauthorized pets
  • Damage to the property

Our lawyers also advise landlords on dealing with issues like disclosures and inspections.

We Can Protect Your Rights As A Tenant

When you rent a property, chances are good that you are either living or working in that space. In either case, a problem with the property or with your landlord can leave you in a precarious situation. Thankfully, Massachusetts law clearly enumerates the many rights of tenants. This includes the right to withhold rent if the landlord does not make a good-faith effort to complete necessary repairs and take care of maintenance issues that they are legally obligated to carry out.

Our attorneys are ready to help you seek solutions to problems or disputes between you and your landlord, including the following:

  • Failure to maintain the property
  • Failure to give proper notice before a rent increase
  • Failure to return a security deposit within 30 days of leaving the unit
  • Failure to disclose findings after an inspection
  • Retaliation against a tenant for any reason

Being a tenant can sometimes leave you feeling powerless because you don’t own the property and cannot exercise much control over the space. However, you do have rights, and our attorneys are passionate about protecting them.

Free Consultations Available – Contact Us Today

From our office in Bedford, Brown & Brown, P.C., serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Massachusetts. To take advantage of a free initial consultation about your landlord-tenant issue with one of our skilled attorneys, call us at 781-275-7267 or submit an online contact form.