Managing a Non-Profit Corporation? Deadlines are Nearing!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Corporations Division requires all non-profit corporations to file annual reports by November 15th.  If you are responsible for the annual reporting for a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, you may already be aware that November 15th is looming. If not, here are a few hints on what you should be preparing.

Reports to the Corporations Division may be filed online, by mail or in person.  If you choose to file online, which we recommend because it will keep your public profile on the Corporation Division’s website up-to-date, you will need your ID and Pin number to log in to the Corporations Division’s secure website. Once logged in, the reports are easily filled out, and you will be able to update your non-profit’s address, officers or directors if they have changed since the previous year.  Of course, you can always choose to file your annual report the traditional way, by printing out the form and manually entering the data.  In either case, the filing fee is $15.

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